Thursday, January 27, 2011

When He's Not Farting....

... Eric is actually a really cool guy. I would know, I married him!

I know you all think your husbands are wonderful, and that is just great. But I think mine is awesome and I never really talk about that. He has made my life pretty dang special and has made me feel like a pretty special girl. 

Eric was a little peeved about all the silly things I shared about him, but he knows I did it out of love. Nonetheless, I told him I was going to do a special post all about him and how awesome he is, so get ready, cuz here it comes!

In Eric's pre-Courtney days (we'll refer to that as PC), he was quite the ladies' man. And I have a feeling it had something to do with his long hair...

But I bet you guys could have guessed that, seeing as he is such a handsome man and all. What you probably didn't guess is that Eric was on the BYU Lacrosse Team!!!
That's him right there! #5. I am not including this information to brag that my husband was a collegiate athlete (although that is pretty dang cool), but rather because of his personal qualities that led him to that point. Eric started playing lax as a Sophomore at Lone Peak High School--the very first year they ever had a lax program. They were horrible. But Eric worked super hard and he even attended BYU's lax camp every summer to help himself improve. Then when he got to BYU as a freshman, he tried out for the team. He didn't make it. So he worked even harder and worked out with the team as much as possible. Then he tried out again and he made it! This is a pattern I have noticed many times in knowing Eric: when he knows he wants something, he works hard to get it and he doesn't give up until he does. Take me, for example. He had some pretty tough competition ;)

Moving right along here... Eric is also a reeeally good big brother! He is the oldest of 5 kids and every one of his siblings looks up to him a LOT. Although they like to complain that Eric is the golden child and he gets everything he wants, they really do love him.
That is Eric with his youngest brother, Courtland, who is now 13. You can just tell by Courtland's smile how much he loves being with his big brother. Stacie (Eric's mom) always tells me that when Courtland was little, he would ONLY allow Eric to help him do things. None of the other kids were allowed near him. I love stories like this. I know Eric is going to be such an awesome dad because he is a great big brother. I'm glad that he will be the one setting the example in our household. As a side note, the dog is definitely a huge part of Eric's life. Her name is Kai and she also adores Eric. She is pretty much his dog and he trained her. I am amazed at how well she listens to Eric! She wouldn't be so obedient if he wasn't so loving to her. He still wrestles her to the ground though which always worries me because she's getting so old. Stacie always tells us that Kai has a really hard time walking around on Mondays after Eric plays with her on Sundays when we're up there for dinner. :)

Eric is an extremely loyal friend. He would NEVER say anything bad about any of his friends, and he has a lot of them. He accepts all of them for who they are and never judges based on mistakes they may have made or things they sometimes say or do. He is a really great example to me in this arena because I tend to be overly critical of others. I'm quick to point fingers at someone else because of all the issues I have. I'm trying really hard to learn Eric's ways.
This is Eric and his best friend Doug at Eric's birthday party a couple years ago. I also love how silly Eric is. He really is a goofball and it makes life so much fun! We have a great time together even though he told me once, pretty seriously I might add, that I am no fun. Apparently my level of fun just doesn't even compare to his... but he has been diligently trying to change that too.

Eric is an EXCELLENT teacher! And he really enjoys teaching, which is nice for me because--as I have already made abundantly clear in this post--I have a lot to learn from him!
This is me after I caught my first fish! Eric took me fishing back when we were dating and I had a blast. I was worried I would hate it and that I wouldn't be able to catch anything. But thanks to Eric's patience and great teaching, I caught 8 fish that day! (This picture is already making me miss my pre-pregnancy body... oh boy)

Well, I could got on for hours and hours, but I'll wrap it up before anyone falls asleep. I love Eric, and he loves me. That is a wonderful feeling and I can't wait to see our love continue to grow!

Oh and by the way, Eric found out today that he was awarded an ORCA grant for the research he is doing with a chemistry professor on campus. I am SO proud of him and his accomplishments!!

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Christina said...

I love this post! I need to do something like this too. I bet it made Eric feel really special. :o)