Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Marriage

December 27th was Eric and my 2 year wedding anniversary. Two years?? Seriously? I know that two years doesn't sound like a lot, but back when I sent off my missionaries (not at the same time mind you), two years was an ETERNITY. But I didn't end up marrying either of those missionaries and boy am I glad! Not that they aren't great guys, but my Eric is so perfect for me and I really do know that Heavenly Father placed him in my life at the exact moment that He did so that we would be married and raise a righteous family.

Oh and that family part? We are both SO DANG EXCITED! Especially Eric. Which just makes me love him even more. Every day he pats my tummy and lowers his head down and says, "Come out." And then he tells me he wants the baby to come out and play with him. We both agree, however, that it would be best if the baby stays in there until it's ready. Although it will be awhile before they can actually play together, I know he's going to be a great dad and that is one of the reasons I know we were meant to be together. Since I was very young, becoming a mom has always been my biggest dream. I always struggled trying to figure out what I wanted to be professionally and choosing a major, etc. and I think that's because all I ever really wanted to do was have babies. And I need someone with me who wants babies too and wants a wife who wants babies and wants to be the support system so that there can be babies (hopefully lots of them!) Eric is perfect for the job.

And now, just some random information about the Breadys:

  • We bought a box of garbage bags at Costco right after we got married. We're still working on using up that same box.
  • Eric farts a LOT. I'm pretty sure they get more frequent and more smelly every day.
  • We both get annoyed when the other person leaves messes around. We both leave messes around on a daily basis.
  • We each have our own tube of toothpaste: Colgate for Eric, Crest for me. At first I tried to just use the Colgate, but he didn't like the way I squeezed the tube and would comment on it every day. So I just switched back to Crest.
  • Eric steals my socks. He likes the way girl socks feel on his feet better. 
  • We are both very competitive. We have definitely yelled at each other while playing games with friends. I am only slightly embarrassed about this. (It's usually Eric's fault)
  • Eric's hiking pace is GRUELING for me. I always say that I love hiking and Eric thinks I'm lying about it because every time we go together, I complain the whole time that he is going too fast.
  • I sleep in the very center of the bed because I like to be close to Eric, who is dutifully staying on his side.
  • Speaking of sleeping, Eric says and does HILARIOUS things while he's asleep. 

To celebrate our anniversary, we went to La Jolla Groves in the Riverwoods. It was AMAZING. We were both drooling over the delicious food and we cannot wait to go back! I ordered the chicken stuffed crepes, and as much as I want to try everything on the menu, I may have to get the same thing every time I go.

Eric and I agree that this next year of marriage is going to be the best yet! I will graduate from BYU, Eric will take the MCAT and apply to medical school, and of course, we'll become parents.

Someday, I would like to write a post in which I'm completely open and frank about the hard times/fighting we've endured. But for now, I'm content to end on a happy note :)


Shalyn said...

Happy anniversary! This post cracks me up, I could have written half of those things!

1. We JUST used our last trash bags from Costco about 3 months ago (so they lasted 3 years and 3 months!)
2. My hubby farts more then yours. Seriously. Ill fight you for that title-HA!
3. We are so competitive!

Take care!

klimt said...

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Haley K said...

2 years down, eternity to go!!! Happy Anniversay Court :) SO GLAD YOU TWO ARE SO HAPPY! And it only gets better...takes work, but marriage (especially with kids) gets sweeter with time <3

And the little bits of getting to know the Bready's had me giggling to myself! haha Loved them all! We really do need to hang out...maybe a double date to La Jolla Groves! (and i am guilty too, with getting the same thing every time. if you know it's gonna be good why not stick with it!;)

Audrey said...

I loved reading this! All those comments/facts - hilarious, and fun to learn about. Um, about the socks. Kevin wears girl socks too. And says the exact same thing about how he likes how they feel better....what weirdos. HA! And the whole bed thing? Kevin will HUG his edge of the bed and I (also) will sleep in the middle to be closer. I just have to have some body part touching him. Like my foot.

D. Brack and Kelly Mulliner said...

:) Amina Unchi. You know. I miss you guys and can't wait till we can play again. Love you both.

Bullock said...

Eh hem. WE would like to come over and play some games! Or go to a movie? Call me! We should also do a girls lunch!!!!

The Brames said...

post some pictures of your baby bump!

Shauna said...

Happy Anniversary you two! So excited for your new little one. And your list made me hearing all the random things :)

Kendra said...

Congratulations! I loved this post and I loved your fun facts about the two of you. Very funny. This year will be great for you. Great, and challenging, and life changing. Enjoy the ride!

Alarie said...

I am right there with ya on numbers three, four, and eight!
I am so happy for the two of you. You have some powerful sorta love Courtney... I remember you in Spain and your long talks with Eric. You really know how to sacrifice what you think you want for what you really want and need. Thank you for the example!

Christina said...

Ok so the funniest part about this post is A. how much Eric was farting last night and how we always complain about our husbands farting and B. That just as I read the line about Eric farting, Jer farted. Oh wow, they are the same person.