Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day To All, and To All, A Good Night!!

Wait a minute, am I getting my holidays mixed up?? Maybe I am, but you wouldn't blame me if you saw my window this morning....

Yes, that is a wreath. A CHRISTMAS wreath. I cannot reach the window. I can't reach it from my porch, and I can't reach it from the ground. If I could, rest assured the CHRISTMAS wreath would have been gone on NEW YEARS DAY!!

If you don't quite understand my anger behind this statement, please refer to my previous post found HERE

Still waiting for someone to buy me that house...

Anyway, on a happier note, I have finally uploaded some of our "recent" pictures onto my computer. I will share some of the less hideous ones for your viewing pleasure

First off, did I mention how sweet our New Year's Eve was?? Cuz it was AWESOME! I love four-wheeling with Eric. We went up and had a bonfire overlooking the valley. The ride back was just slightly uncomfortable because I'm a girl and the world is NOT a woman's urinal. Although Eric frequently brags to me that it IS a man's.

Also since we've talked last, I turned 22! (side note. After reading this I went and checked my last blog post. Apparently we actually HAVE spoken since my birthday, but I failed to mention it due to the anger I was letting out on my keyboard. Why is it I only post when I'm angry?) Woot. Not that big of a deal. But I guess the next time I will turn an age that is 2 of the same number, I will be 33. That sounds like a scary number to me. So 22 is cool for now. Below is a picture of my birthday chair from Eric (Bready family tradition). He bought me some didodaurs! :) They are now "hiding" on the top of our fridge. I like to think of them as extra protection when Eric's not home. Also, he ate most of the candy he bought for me. That's OK, Eric. It's the thought that counts.

Also, we had a ward 80's skating activity. It was a BLAST! I suck at roller skates and almost died, but don't worry, I didn't even fall once! Can you believe it?? Me, the clutz-o, didn't fall. 

Eric rocked the roller blades and he had way too much fun. The kind that makes you really sweaty and splits open your old, female, worn-out, purchased-from-DI jeans.

And I'm pretty sure I should wear this fuschia lipstick more often. We made a special trip to Walgreen's on the way to Classic Skating just to pick some up. It totally completed my outfit. I did have a jacket that matched Eric's in the picture above, but the color combo with all my pink and green photographed really weird (and probably looked super weird in real life anyway) so I opted for this picture instead.

P.S. Eric was also really excited about his V-neck T-shirt. I pretty much loved my denim vest.

Welp, that about sums up our life for now.