Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tummy Proof

Who wouldn't want to stare at this cute bum?? And those toes?! Girl, please!

This is my current excuse if I don't get dinner cooked... I'm just staring at her all day!

I Don't Cook and My Baby Sleeps on Her Tummy...


But I sure am having a good time! Yes, Harper sleeps on her tummy... Turn me in. I've tried her back, I promise. But she just doesn't like it. Whenever I lay her down on her back, dead asleep, she wakes up within 2 minutes without fail. Anyone who knows me knows how much I value sleep. So in order to get at least a couple hours of it, I lay her down on her tummy. All the women I talk to who are my mom's age tell me that all their babies slept on their tummies and they were just fine. And I figure if Harper prefers her tummy then by all means girlfriend, sleep on your tummy! That's how I like it too :)

Dinner. Ugh. I seriously do not cook very often. Granted, for the past 2 1/2 years I have been working full time AND going to school, sometimes taking as many as 14 credits. Sooo... I didn't really have much time. But I feel like a wife failure admitting that. It's not that I don't enjoy cooking it's just that.... um.... I'm lazy? That must be it. Well this week I turned a new leaf. I made a menu, went grocery shopping, and we're 2 for 2 so far on dinner. I even got really ambitious and decided to try a recipe that involved a WHOLE chicken. I had to pull the guts out and rinse off the blood and everything! Let's just say there is a very good reason I buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts to cook with because that was disgusting. I was on the verge of a major gag fest the whole time.

So what I'm trying to say is, I may not follow all the "rules" but this is seriously so much fun! I try to have a photo shoot with Little Missy every day to prepare her for her career in modeling. I'm working on getting her noticed by some agents so she can make me millions modeling for Baby Gap. I was thinking Ellen might be a good place to get her some recognition. (I'm mostly joking, but seriously... this baby is gorgeous, if I do say so myself.) Just check her out!!

"I'm beautiful"

"You people bore me"

Now, look surprised!

Give us a playful smile!

So serene...

Staring off into space

Already making funny faces like Daddy

"I'm totally done with this"

Fake laughter

Yeah, give me some tongue!

The end.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I've been a blog slacker. I almost always start my posts with a similar statement because I always seem to fall off the blogging wagon. But this time, I have a REALLY good reason...

This little girl has completely changed my life, in a very good way. I have always known I wanted to be a mother, but until Harper arrived, I didn't realize just how much I wanted that.

Harper has such a sweet spirit and when I hold her close to me, I can feel how close she is to our Heavenly Father. She just barely left his presence after all and I know that for certain.

She has strengthened my testimony of the Plan of Salvation immensely. I know my family will be together forever and I know that our loving Father in Heaven wouldn't want it any other way.  I know the love I feel for my baby girl pales in comparison to the love that our Father feels for each of us. So then how could a permanent ending at death even be conceivable??

Harper has brought me so much happiness. Whenever she wakes up during the night to eat, I go to pick her up and almost always get choked up, realizing again how amazing it is to be her mother. And when I lay her back down in her room and go back to bed, I instantly miss her terribly. I don't get a lot done during the day (including blogging) because I know how quickly she will grow and change and before I know it, she won't want to cuddle with me anymore. So I hold her close now and try to soak up every moment that I can.

Having her around has also had a wonderful affect on my marriage. (I won't do a full post, but happy 24th birthday yesterday to my AMAZING husband!!) Eric and I have become so much closer in this past month. I was so worried that having a baby would be taxing on our relationship and that due to the lack of sleep, we would be short with one another and fight more. But the exact opposite has happened. We are learning to work together in a way that would never have been possible without having children. I trust him more, I need him more, and I love him more.

I am so grateful for the timing of everything. God really does know best what we need. I was super baby hungry for quite awhile before we actually started trying to have a baby. But I knew that it wasn't time yet and I'm glad that the Lord has a plan for me and that He is willing to tell me what that is.

Call me crazy, but I am already looking forward to meeting the rest of my children. I know there are lots more up there in Heaven just waiting to join our family. But don't worry, I'll be reasonable :)