Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ruffles and Bows

Anyone who knows me at all knows that patience is not one of my strong points. And by that I mean, I have NEVER been a patient person and I HATE waiting for things. Think about it... I sent off TWO missionaries. And I didn't marry either one of them!

Well for someone as impatient as myself, waiting for a baby to arrive is pure torture. I mean, my patience was already pushed to the limit just by waiting this long to even have a baby. And now that I'm pregnant, holy cow, I just want that baby in my arms NOW!!!

I guess I should be grateful I'm not an elephant. Those poor creatures have to wait 22 months to meet their little ones! They are creating something much LARGER than me, but still. If I had the gestation period of an elephant, I would fail at being a parent before it even started. (Couldn't wait 2 years for missionaries, remember?)

Anyway, needless to say, I'm getting really anxious and excited to meet this baby of ours. Eric is too. I still have 4 months left and it feels like an eternity. On that same note, however, it's been 4 months since we found out we were expecting and that has flown by. I have plenty to keep me busy between now and June anyway.

It has helped tremendously that we got to have our ultrasound last Friday!! It was the PERFECT birthday present for me and my parents flew in for the weekend so they could be a part of it, which was really fun and so special.

And that's the reason for the title of my post... Ruffles and Bows...
Because that's all it's going to be for us for awhile since we're having a GIRL!!!!!

We are very excited! I thought for sure I was having a boy, but my mother-in-law knew all along it was a girl. And I guess my own mom did too. Both of them had already purchased baby girl clothes months ago!

Now we just need to decide on a name. We had some boy names picked out that we LOVE, but we're still trying to figure out what we like that will look good in pink.

Last night we went to Target and browsed through their baby stuff. Oh man, I was in heaven. Eric asked me to please stop gasping and saying "OH MY GOSH" with every dress I picked up. I just couldn't help myself... it's all so adorable! We did end up purchasing our first baby item though...

(the pants are turned around so you can see the CUTE ruffles!)

My due date is June 18th, the day before Father's Day. If she's born on Father's Day, then I'm prepared with an outfit to bring her home in!


just corby said...

How exciting! She's going to be beautiful!!

Haley K said...

a little Courtney!!!! :) :) :) So happy for you guys :) oh she'll have you 2 wrapped around her little finger...just the way it should be ;) And the ruffles on those pink pants are too cute!

Jessica said...

I had no idea you were pregnant! I have to say, I am not surprised one bit. You can't work for Randy and get away with not getting pregnant. Haha. So excited for you and congrats on having a girl!!!!!!!!!! Girls are the best!!!!!!!!!!

Tina said...

Congrats! Shopping for girls is tons of fun. I felt the same way being pregnant with Madi...I couldn't wait to see her and hold her. The very end is the VERY hardest. It just seems to drag on forever!!!