Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I forgot to mention....

I just pulled out my letter from the advertising department from my purse. It was the only scrap of paper I had in my purse while I traveled to Washington this past weekend. Since I am so forgetful, and knew I would forget this moment if I didn't write it down, I recorded a memory on that envelope right when I got to Outback for dinner with my family on Friday night. I'm so glad I did because I completely forgot about it in my post last night!

So (this isn't the part I would have forgotten) Eric and I were happily sitting together on the airplane, almost ready to take off. The last 2 people to get on were a mom and her young daughter--probably somewhere around 7 years old. Of course Southwest is retarded and there are no assigned seats so all that was left for them were middle seats in the back of the plane. The girl began to cry. So Eric and I decided to give up our 2 seats so they could sit together.

I ended up sitting between 2 construction workers who were going home for the weekend. They were nice to me and very friendly, but definitely rough around the edges. They were appalled when I ordered water and offered to buy me a drink. I politely declined. I think they may have offered me more than that had I not mentioned that my husband was sitting across the aisle. I tried really hard to make my ring as noticeable as possible.

Anyway, I wanted to tell my family the story, so while we were waiting to be seated at the restaurant I began with, "I sit by the weirdest people on airplanes!"

Without missing a beat, my 10-year-old sister Cassie said, "Well you do sit by Eric these days!"

We all laughed pretty hard. Good one Cassie!

Thank goodness I wrote down what she said... It makes me wish I was better about writing in my journal. :)


Ski Dawson said...

Well at least you recorded it somewhere! That's awesome. Cassie's awesome.

Haley + Adam said...

CONGRATS!!!! (I realize i'm late...but you know me;) I caught up on your posts and saw that you mentioned that you got accepted into the advertising program! Court you're going to do great! can't wait to see some of you work :)

And your trip to Disneyland look awesome!!! Glad you had so much fun with your family :) And the trip to vancouver too...bitter sweet to say goodbye to you brother... he'll be great in california!

And i can totally hear Cassie saying that!!!! LOL she cracks me up :) I'm glad you wrote it down...i need to do that more often :)

PS - sorry this is so long ;)

Haley + Adam said...

...one more thing: I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG TITLE!! heehee It made me smile =)