Monday, October 26, 2009

Hot & Cold, Black & White, Opposites Attract... Right?

When Eric and I see eye-to-eye, we really agree! But when we don't, well... it's a little rough.

For example, where will we live after med school?

Of course my vote:

The beautiful GREEN state of Washington!

But Eric's vote?

The not-so-green state of Utah. (all you Utards out there, don't get me wrong, some really great things have come out of Utah. It's just not for me.)

And when it comes to our cell phone service?

My vote will ALWAYS stay loyal to

But Eric seems to think he has it better with

I don't know what he's thinking!

But the most important question of all....


I just don't know what we're gonna do!

We've gone to Parks 3 times in less than a week! I got new boots, and Eric's dad was nice enough to buy him new skis and bindings! Wow! He is WAY excited about his Nordica Enforcers. (Seriously, check his facebook status.) I have to admit, they look pretty good. He also got a new beanie from the Buckle this weekend that we both actually love.

Every time talk of the Mountain comes up, we're sure to have a discussion about what our kids will do. Classic to Eric form, he INSISTS they will be skiing. Surprisingly enough, I'm more of the compromiser in the relationship. Today I suggested we tell them "You can be cool and board like Mom, or you can be cool and ski like Dad!" Eric says he agrees with that idea, but he usually says that just to appease me. It won't last. (How do I know you ask? BEFORE we got married, he said we could live in Washington. Now he's insisting on Utah.)

But there is one thing we agree on....


And of course, we love each other, very much :)

And we're extremely disappointed in our team. I can't even talk about it right now.


Eric said...

A of all, choose some realistic maps court! (Half of Washington is uglier than Utah). B of all, Sprint is the NOW network with like 2 billion G wireless coverage. C of all, skiing is just the best.

Haley + Adam said...

I loved this post court! haha! opposites most definitely attract :) And you guys are PERFECT for eachother! Maybe all of yours kids will love to ski AND snowboard...double-hitters! ;) And good luck on deciding where to live after med school...even though I love the NW...i'd have to go with Eric and say you should stay in Utah...cause then you'll be closer to us :)

Ski Dawson said...

just send them tubing and sledding with their aunt sandi. and go with ATT. and live in idaho, it's in the middle. (ha ha just kidding, i want you to live somewhere i would actually VISIT) just have eric be rich enough for homes in both places. i love your purple font, and you're a way good writer court. tell eric to keep it up with his awesome spikes!

Madison McKenzi said...

My eric also told me we could live in Colorado Before we got married... He doesn't seem to remember saying that. Luckily, we are both boarders.