Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Are Alive

OK, I'll give it to ya quick and add pictures later. (I probably won't actually do that, but I'll say that I will anyways.)

Thanksgiving: with the Breadys. It was DELICIOUS.

Finals: Eric ROCKED! Me, not so much. :/ (But that's because I didn't try, just so you know!)

Christmas: Spent in Vancouver. Absolutely NO drama getting on an airplane this year. Go figure. It was great to see my family. We played Beattles Rock Band. I got a sewing machine. :) And Eric got P90X. More on that later.

New Years: Lots of Breadys. Four-wheeling in the snow. Bonfire. I WILL post pictures of this (once I find them) because it was one of the coolest things I have ever done.

School: Eric is taking 16 credits. I'm taking 14. Eric is working as a Chemistry TA again, and I'm still full-time as a legal assistant. We. Are. Busy.

P90X: We started it last Monday and we get up at 5:30 every day to do it. It's totally kicking our butts but we love it and we love the extra time that we get to spend together! (Hawaii, here we come!)

Sandra Bulluck: is one of my BFF's. I went to her wedding last weekend. It was beautiful.

More Weddings: Both Eric's best friend AND mine are engaged now. They're getting married on the same day. One in Nevada, one in Salt Lake. We will most likely be attending separate weddings, but I couldn't be more excited!

Work: DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!! That's all I want to say about that. It needs to be cleared up. Pronto.

This picture is extremely random... It's from over a year ago when I received my endowment. But really, all this summed up: I love Eric. He is great and we are happy. And I love going to the temple with him.

My new year's resolutions do not include being better about blogging, but I will try.


Rebecca Ann said...

I love this picture! You look so good.

I'm not going to make you choose between weddings. You know that.

Thanks for being excited for me. I was dying when Eric wouldn't give you the phone. Oh Eric.

Haley + Adam said...

that was fun to read the update on you two :) I'm glad you guys are doing great!! school & work are always a tricky guys rock :)

Benedict and Jessica said...

So, I'll admit it, I stopped checking your blog for awhile because you weren't posting...that was months ago. Now I get on and you have been totally updating us...Man, I am a loser. You guys are too cute and I wish I could have been in Provo longer to get to know you would have been fun to hang out with you and Eric. Sorry about the drama at the FS, been there done that :-(