Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Segovia and La Granja

OK so yesterday we took a trip north up to Segovia and then we also visited El Palacio de la Granja. This trip was AMAZING! And so much fun!

First of all, we saw a castle in Segovia... I've never been inside a real castle before (unless you count Cinderella's castle in Disneyland, in which case I've been inside one probably about a hundred times). It was so cool! We got to climb up to the tallest part and look out over the city... Gorgeous view!!

At the palace of la granja, there was this massive garden. So big in fact that it has streets with names in it. It's over 1500 acres!!! There was a maze just like the ones you always see in the movies, but we didn't have time to go through it because we didn't want to get lost and miss the fountains, which were the whole reason we were there. There's probably about a dozen very large fountains spread throughout the garden and they only set all of them off twice a year. We were there to see the fountains, and what a show we saw!

We discovered the young adult aged Spaniards are CRAZY! Dana and I were standing there waiting for the first fountain to go off and there were tons of people dressed up in crazy costumes all over the place. Then a guy dressed up in a cow costume jumped in the fountain. It was as if he sent off a signal because then EVERYONE started jumping in and pushing everyone else in. We were laughing so hard and taking tons of pictures because we thought it was so hilarious. Well apparently we made ourselves a target....

This crazy Spanish guy came over to Dana and I and started pulling us towards the water. We were screaming, "no! No! No!" over and over again because we had our cameras but he did not give up. So finally Dana through me her camera and her sunglasses and she got picked up and thrown into the water! I definitely documented the whole thing and it was absolutely HILARIOUS! We still cannot believe that happened to us!

OK so anyway... here are all the pictures for today. I am absolutely LOVING all these amazing pictures I've been able to take so far. I'm going to have quite the collection when I return to the states. Good thing I bought that extra hard drive!!

Dana getting thrown into the fountain!

Me in front of "La carrera de los caballos:" one of the fountains in the gardens. This was actually one of the more boring ones, but still way awesome.

This is me with the statue of Juan Bravo... I had to give a report about him on the bus on the way to Segovia so of course I needed a picture!! We also ran into some missionaries here!
Me at the Palace of La Granja (not sure exactly what that means) but isn't it beautiful?

OK so here's a picture of all the cRaZy Spaniards jumping into the fountain! A bunch of them had swim caps and shorts on and had written Michael Phelps and USA on their bodies. Not quite sure what that was all about, but it was still hilarious.

Oh my heck! Cutest little girl of LIFE! I told Eric that I want to have little Spanish babies... He says he's OK with that! Too bad neither one of us is actually a Spaniard...

Me in front of El Aqueducto. It went on FOREVER!! I couldn't even see the end of it!

I really liked the look of this building next to the aqueduct. So many picturesque scenes here in Spain!

Check out this quaint little street in Segovia...

On one of the lower towers of the castle.

Me on the tallest part of the castle... We climbed up 152 steps to get here. Not that impressive, I know, but it was way cool!

I'm LOVING all the doors here in Spain!! They are so awesome and great for pictures! This was on one of the little, tiny, side streets that we took to get to the castle in Segovia.
Me in front of the castle in Segovia!!

Oi! Mi amor! Es mi "knight in shining armor" que se llama Eric :)

The cute little town known as Segovia. This was the main square.
El Catedral... So cool looking!!

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I love the cathedral. You are such a diva! I love it. It looks a little bit different from the DR... The food looks TASTY! mmmm mmmmm, smells goooood.

You're going to find out that I am an avid blogger. I will be checking FREQUENTLY for posts, so don't let me down sister.