Friday, August 29, 2008

Fuimos de compras! :) (That means we went shopping!)

Today was another wonderful day here in Spain!! I got to sleep in for the first time and it felt SOO good! No siesta for me today! A bunch of the students all planned on meeting at the train station this morning around 11:30 to go to Madrid together. Some of us girls were quite excited about the shopping there :) So we totally figured out the whole train thing and got a group of about 20 of us to Madrid. We were there for about 6 hours or so and I had a blast! But of course I did because I was shopping. Let me tell you, the shopping in Spain is definitely better than anything I've ever experienced before... But the exchange rate sucks! I hate knowing that I'm spending way more than it feels like here. It's terrible.

Anyway, here are the pictures from today plus a couple extras. Enjoy!

This is me and Dana and some of our new friends that we met going to Las Ferias (the huge festival going on in Alcala right now). The one in the striped shirt with the... MAN PURSE and MANPRIS (very common here in Spain) is our "brother" Daniel. I'll try to get a picture of the whole family on Sunday.

Our first stop on the shopping trip today.... You wouldn't believe how many shoe stores there are here!! I think I might be in heaven (minus Eric of course!)

This is me in one of the dressing rooms where we spent quite a bit of time today. Isn't it so cool?! I love everything about Spain!!

This is us taking a break at... McDonald's. Lame, I know, but we just wanted some potato wedges, OK? From left to right: Me, Alarie, Stella, Madison, Anna. I really, really like all these girls! They are very sweet and so much fun!

Us girls with all of our purchases for the day. I know, we look very happy right? Well it's because we are!

Some of the group waiting in the train station in Madrid. I am having so much fun with these people! From left to right (starting with the girl in pink): Stephanie, Madison, Alarie, Paige (LOVE her! She's hilarious!), Stella, Anna, Me, Lindsey (whose husband will be arriving shortly to join the group), Lucy and in front is Will (one of the 5 guys in the group... as opposed to 25 girls!)

I don't know if you can see it very well, but this is a picture of my pedometer. I'm so glad I brought this thing! I just barely took this picture and it says right here that it's at 49.680 miles. I've walked almost 50 miles in this past week!! And my feet are definitely feeling the pain...

Here's the view out my bedroom window... Isn't it pretty?

OK this picture is kinda funny... These are my many water bottles (but this picture actually doesn't include all of them). I honestly can't believe how much water I drink here! I'm always so thirsty since it's so gosh darn HOT! Today I took that huge one on the right to Madrid with me and I drank the whole thing. Twice. But the scary part is I rarely ever go to the bathroom... I pretty much just sweat it all off. :/ Gross I know.

Here it is folks... My closet! Yes, I promise you this is Courtney Bean's closet! Can you believe it?! I can't! It sure looks like I packed light... Where did my 120 pounds of luggage go??

My first clothing purchase in Spain: I bought these very European-looking sandals yesterday in Alcala and I absolutely LOVE them!! I feel so... European? haha I just really like them so I thought I'd share :)


Anonymous said...

OK... I don't believe that is really your closet. I know the real Courtney Bean's wardrobe. But maybe you'll fill it up with stuff by the time you come home. Guarenteed 200 pounds of luggage when you come back. I can't believe you copped out to Micky Dees, oh well, those pototoe wedges are preeeeety tasty. Keep posting. Loving it.

Anonymous said...

Sandi has just informed me I spelled guaranteed wrong. Sorry. Geez. It's weird not having you here Court!