Thursday, July 23, 2009

Starting Fresh

OK. so I have a confession. I'm a blog stocker! But I haven't posted since September... I tried to do a post the other night complete with pictures and captions and the works, but I realized I had WAY too much to write about. So forget the last ten months (even though they were absolutely amazing and SO key). I'm starting fresh. Maybe once in awhile I'll post some pics with stories from some of our adventures this summer.

Anyway, here's what we've been up to this summer (last weekend was the first one all summer that we actually slept in our own bed!)

  • Vancouver for Memorial Day, complete with canoe trips on the creek and Nertz of course with the sibs
  • Several trips to Southern Utah - St. George, Moab, Zions, Little Wildhorse Canyon, Goblin Valley - LOTS of hiking! :)
  • Vancouver again for the 4th of July (my FaVoRiTe holiday)
  • 4-Wheeling with the Breadys
  • HAWAII - we spent almost 2 whole weeks on the beautiful island of Oahu with Eric's family, and I just have to mention that we swam with wild dolphins. That was definitely the highlight of the trip!

We also got a calling in our ward... Marriage and Family Enhancement teachers! ha! We're FAR from experts, but it's fun nonetheless.

And the last couple nights, Eric has been playing Lacrosse again for the first time with the men's league. So fun to watch! Last night he scored a sick goal!!

I'm still working at Fillmore Spencer as a legal assistant for Randy. I love my job and all the girls I work with. Eric just scored an awesome job on Tuesday that he will start next month. He's going to be working at a preschool for autistic kids. The people interviewing him were so impressed by his interactions with the kids that they offered him a job on the spot! I'm so proud of him! :)

Well that's all for now. Tonight we're going to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house so maybe I'll have a picture to post tomorrow!


Anonymous said...


I had almost given up on you. Almost.

Don't ever leave blogging world again.

See you soon!

The Brames said...

yay! I was so excited to see you on the top of my list! now you have to blog about everything so we know what your doing!!

Haley + Adam said...

I'm glad you're going to start posting! :) i want to know what you and your sweetheart are doing to stay out of trouble ;) And so far it sounds like you've been having a blast together! You're a lucky girl for being able to get back to Vancouver every so often :) and hawaii, right on! =) Well, I look forward to an update! love ya court

Ski Dawson said...

real soon? r u prego?!

The life of Jennifer said...

YAY!! Im so excited to start hearing about what your doing again! It sounds like you've been having a great time since you got married!! thats awesome!! i cant wait to hear more!